Camera Envy

October 29, 2009 at 4:23 pm Leave a comment

One of my favorite things about food blogs is the pictures.  I am in serious camera envy – of both the really fancy cameras and just plain cameras.  Though I have to admit that sometimes mediocre pictures seem worse than no pictures at all.

My brilliant stop-gap plan of paying people in food to photograph what I am making and feeding them is not going too terribly well.  I know that it isn’t the food that is the problem.  =)  Everyone is being so nice and helpful with wanting to take pictures for me.  I am either in a hurry to finish dishes because people are about to come over or people forget their cameras or I have to wait for them to send me pictures or I happen to be cooking things while no one is there.  The problem is that I am impatient and want too much of both worlds.  I want two hours to photograph to perfection and I want everything out on the table so that people can eat.    Yes, I want to photograph the food, but I am far more interested in enjoying it and watching other people enjoy it.

I am in the process of putting together a three day sourdough, and none of you are going to get to see it because all the steps are happening at strange hours (last night I got up at three am to move something from the counter to a colder environment). If I am lucky I will manage to get a couple of pictures of the finished bread.

I think that my next major purchase may have to be a digital camera.  Then I can just delay my own food.


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