Koi Fusion

November 19, 2009 at 1:16 pm Leave a comment

I got an email today telling me that the Koi Fusion taco truck would be visiting my work again today over the lunch hour.  Koi Fusion is apparently patterned off of a similar taco truck found down in the L. A. area.  Last time they were here, I didn’t make it out there to try anything.

Today I headed out to the parking lot shortly after they arrived.  Mostly they serve meat items, but there is a spicy tofu option.  I ordered a spicy tofu taco.  It came with sauced tofu, bean sprouts, cilantro, thin slices of cucumber, kimchi, and a piece of lime on a small corn tortilla.  I put a dab of each of their hot sauces on the side and took my food in to my desk.

I squeezed the lime on, took a tiny taste of each hotsauce, then took a bite.  It was tasty, but didn’t have any where near the punch that I was expecting.  The couple of bites with hotsauce were quite good though.  It think that it was just lacking the heat punch and extra flavor they added.  That spicy bite left me licking my lips and looking for more.

I just got a text from M, saying he was headed over to try it out.  So I will have a round two, and layer on the hotsauce.


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