Teleggio Cheese

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Life has run away with me and between being extremely focused and busy at work and feeling over scheduled (with good things, but none-the-less) outside of work I have found very little time for writing, and honestly, very little time for cooking as well the last few days.

I did, however, try a new cheese.  Cheese has got to be one of my favorite things and one of the reasons that I will never be vegan.  I have had people rail against cheese as non-vegetarian, and technically they are often right.  Rennet is very much non-vegetarian.  There is a lot of cheese made with synthesized enzymes these days, though, and if I eat eggs and seafood, both of which are true, I think that it is also acceptable for me to decide that I am going to eat cheese.  Lots of cheese.  =)

I bought this cheese over a week ago and kept eyeing it and then not opening it.  Monday morning I realized that I didn’t make any food for the week during the course of Sunday (Sunday evening was spent at friends’ celebrating Chinese New Year and I did not host or cook).  So I opened my fridge and poked around.  I found a few things that could readily be grabbed on my way out the door and did so.  Let me tell you, boiled potatoes with salt and pepper, half a green pepper, and a hunk of cheese is not the worlds most balanced meal.

I am also letting you in on my dirty little secret that I don’t cook gourmet food all the time.  But in the spirit of getting back into posting more, I intend to start including what happens when I cheat, when I don’t want to cook, or the comfort food I make that happens to be partially coming pre-prepared or pre-packaged.

When I opened the cheese I had a moment of worry that perhaps I had let it sit too long.  It is a pretty soft cheese, and sometimes they are unhappy sitting in their saran wrap for very long.  I wondered if perhaps I had purchased a stinky cheese without realizing it.  But the flavor was lovely.  I only had a few bites, as I couldn’t manage to hunt up any crackers at work.  Upon looking it up on Wikipedia I discovered that its strong fragrance and mild flavor is typical of the cheese.  It has an almost nutty or fruity sort of taste to it and is thickly creamy.  I am excited to cart it back home with me this evening to polish it off.

You can find an interesting article about Teleggio at After Cheese Comes Nothing.  There is a map of where in Italy it is traditionally made and some lovely tidbits about historical production (cows are milked on their way down from the alps).  This Teleggion was purchased at New Seasons for 12.99 a pound, and I have no idea how to tell if it was made in the old style, or at a large factory.  Though from the availability out of the country and its fairly reasonable price, one can probably assume that it was not small production.


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