Cubicle Foraging – Cotija Cheese

February 23, 2010 at 5:06 pm Leave a comment

Well, I lucked out on Friday and got some tasty stuff to take home.  Part of which was 9 ounces of Cotija cheese.  Cotija is rather salty and often crumbly, though there is a less salt and more cohesive version out there as well, which I believe is called Tajo cheese.

I went digging around on the net, and there were recipes for many tasty things.  But what struck my eye (and appetite) most, were two things: a cauliflower, poblano, cotija gratin (I already have a cauliflower that has been languishing in the fridge), and a fantastic looking quesadilla recipe.  If I follow the recipes to the letter I don’t have enough cheese, but seeing as it is just me at home most of the time, I am planning on halving the recipes and making both of them part of my week.  I haven’t yet managed to settle on which one to make this evening.


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