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Impatience and Limoncello

Il Limoncello d'Amalfi

Il Limoncello d'Amalfi

When putting together something like a website or a business card design, I get involved in all the details.  I want to know designs, layouts, fonts, numbers.  I want to have the perfect layout all together, and then I will plunk down and write a first post or get things printed.  I want it to all come together before I set off on my journey.

This doesn’t always go so well.  It causes long delays.  And sometimes, one just gets impatient.  I begin to worry that if I don’t get started, I may forever be delayed in the realm of design, ideas, and planning, in limbo, never to actually escape.

Oddly enough, I seem to contend with this issue less while cooking.  Perhaps because I often cook without measuring, tossing things in according to taste and smell, or only loosely following recipes.

Today’s spur into action is limoncello.  Il Limoncello d’Amalfi to be exact.  I refuse to wait until things are pristine to write something about limoncello.

My coworker just returned from Italy, land of many amazing things, to which I heartily hope to travel at some point in the future.  He teasingly sent us a few pictures last week, making us all very jealous that we weren’t there with him in the sun and picturesque towns.

Apparently he spent some time on the Coast of Amalfi, which is world renowned for its lemons, most notably the Sfusato Amalfitan.  He brought each of us back a small bottle of limoncello, which I am very excited to try.  I didn’t know anything about the Sfusato Amalfitan lemon, but had to go look it up after receiving my gift.  Apparently they are quite large and much sweeter than the usual lemons that you will find in the store, with an especially strong fragrance.  They are also hard to find any where outside of Italy, though I may do a bit of searching to see if I can turn a few up.

I keep eyeing my tiny bottle.  I am torn between wanting to rush home this evening to pop it in the fridge to chill and drink tonight, and the desire to save it for a time when I can take some real time to savor it.  It is a tiny little bottle – do I guard it jealously, or try to share a sip or two with someone who will appreciate it?


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