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After a hiatus, pizza

Well, I haven’t been posting much at all for a while now.  Things slowed down a bunch for the holidays, then never really picked up speed again.

I also had a restaurant visit where I realized that I was starting to enjoy my food less, rather than enjoying it more.  The enjoyment was getting lost is being overly analytical about what was different and better or worse than the other times I had eaten a dish.  So I let things lapse.  The idea of writing about food was so that I would enjoy it more and my friends would be able to enjoy reading about my enjoying it.  If it wasn’t being fun and it was making the food less enjoyable, then it wasn’t worth it.

Some friends and I had a girls’ afternoon yesterday and ended up watching Julie and Julia.  It got me all excited about food again.  Not that I haven’t had food excitement recently, but I haven’t had the urge to do much other than the comfy cooking for me.  There has been no five-day bread or Indian food or fancy desserts.  Just me getting by, doing the usual smorgasbord of foods that I don’t use recipes or measurements for.  There hasn’t been any urge to say anything about the food I am making.  Meryl Streep was brilliant as Julia.  Her enthusiasm was infectious.  I also got some nice feedback from a friend of mine that she happened to use some of my posts in selecting a place to go out to dinner.

So the long and the short of it is….  I think that I will try to start writing some again.  But only so long as it remains fun.  So there will be periodic posts about this or that, but I will attempt to avoid tipping into the giant pit of over analysis.  I started pizza dough and let it rise while we watched the movie.  It was apparently a fast acting antidote to the slump.  =)


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Camera Envy

One of my favorite things about food blogs is the pictures.  I am in serious camera envy – of both the really fancy cameras and just plain cameras.  Though I have to admit that sometimes mediocre pictures seem worse than no pictures at all.

My brilliant stop-gap plan of paying people in food to photograph what I am making and feeding them is not going too terribly well.  I know that it isn’t the food that is the problem.  =)  Everyone is being so nice and helpful with wanting to take pictures for me.  I am either in a hurry to finish dishes because people are about to come over or people forget their cameras or I have to wait for them to send me pictures or I happen to be cooking things while no one is there.  The problem is that I am impatient and want too much of both worlds.  I want two hours to photograph to perfection and I want everything out on the table so that people can eat.    Yes, I want to photograph the food, but I am far more interested in enjoying it and watching other people enjoy it.

I am in the process of putting together a three day sourdough, and none of you are going to get to see it because all the steps are happening at strange hours (last night I got up at three am to move something from the counter to a colder environment). If I am lucky I will manage to get a couple of pictures of the finished bread.

I think that my next major purchase may have to be a digital camera.  Then I can just delay my own food.

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