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Cubicle Foraging – Cotija Cheese

Well, I lucked out on Friday and got some tasty stuff to take home.  Part of which was 9 ounces of Cotija cheese.  Cotija is rather salty and often crumbly, though there is a less salt and more cohesive version out there as well, which I believe is called Tajo cheese.

I went digging around on the net, and there were recipes for many tasty things.  But what struck my eye (and appetite) most, were two things: a cauliflower, poblano, cotija gratin (I already have a cauliflower that has been languishing in the fridge), and a fantastic looking quesadilla recipe.  If I follow the recipes to the letter I don’t have enough cheese, but seeing as it is just me at home most of the time, I am planning on halving the recipes and making both of them part of my week.  I haven’t yet managed to settle on which one to make this evening.


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Cubicle Foraging – Spinach

Well, here is my inspiration to start cooking again this evening.  I got a bag of fresh spinach from work that needs to get eaten tonight.  I don’t think it will last the weekend until I am back from out of town.

Sauteed spinach with garlic sounds pretty tasty, perhaps some jasmine rice, and some sort of protein thrown in.

I think the fact that food is starting to sound interesting again is a good sign.

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Cubicle Foraging – Mangoes

I work in the food industry, though I don’t generally have anything to do with the recipe formulation part of things.  However, I do work closely in an administrative role with the R & D department, which is a lot of fun.

Our office space also shares real estate, as my cube lives inside of the R & D facilities.  Sometimes the ambient noise gets to me or means I have to get a different room to make phone calls from.  Mostly my location is a huge bonus, as I get first hand access to the information and projects people are working on and also get access to our fabulous kitchen.  I may have to make do with a tiny galley style kitchen, but here I have a Wolf range to play with if I want and a wide array of kitchen gadgets that I either don’t have, or don’t have in that size.

Sometimes we get large samples of various things that we can’t make use of and they get to come home with us.  Last week I scored several pounds of frozen diced mangoes.  They are happily ensconced in the tightly packed prime space of my freezer, awaiting an evening with guests.

I haven’t quite settled on the end goal, but vying for attention is an Indian food evening with Sweet Mango Lassi for everyone and an evening with fancy cocktails.  Andina, a neat Peruvian restaurant in Portland, used to sport a spicy mango cocktail as part of their drinks menu, but I don’t know if it is still there.  The idea of trying to recreate it, or something similar, has a lot of appeal.  I have found some interesting recipes online, one of which calls for fresh jalapeno in their mango cocktail.

I will keep you posted on what they end up being used in, hopefully with some pictures, and, of course, the recipes.  =)

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