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Dying for Sun and Strawberries

Oregon, at least the Portland metro area of it, is getting tons of rainfall this June.  In the first several days of the month we got the average rainfall for the entire month of June.  Usually this time of year there is glorious sun, punctuated by the occasional rainy day.  I love Portland, and I don’t really want to move some where else.  I even like the rain a fair bit.  But this year I catch myself wondering if I should consider living somewhere with more sun.

There are four of us in my circle of female friend who have birthdays within a week of one another.  The last four or so years my friends and I have had strawberry fest as part of the birthday celebrations.  We get a bunch of people together and head out to a U Pick farm and get ridiculous amounts of berries.  One year we picked 60 or 70 pounds.  That was too much.  But 30 or 40, that we can manage just fine.  =)

The idea is that you pick tons of berries in the morning and spend the rest of the day making things with them (while of course indulging in eating a large, large number of ones while in the field, while in the car, while cooking…..) culminating in a meal where most parts involve strawberries in some fashion.  Last year I also successfully froze a bunch and they have lasted most of the year.

The last two years the strawberry harvest has been creeping out later and later.  This year, we have had so much rain that I fear they may be largely rotting in the fields, rather than ripening.  If we are lucky, there has been so little sun that they have not gotten ripe enough to truly rot and the next batch of sunny days we get will bring them around.

The forecast just switched itself around and is now saying we will get ten days of sun.  I would love it to be right, but at this point I will be thrilled if we even get a couple.


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After a hiatus, pizza

Well, I haven’t been posting much at all for a while now.  Things slowed down a bunch for the holidays, then never really picked up speed again.

I also had a restaurant visit where I realized that I was starting to enjoy my food less, rather than enjoying it more.  The enjoyment was getting lost is being overly analytical about what was different and better or worse than the other times I had eaten a dish.  So I let things lapse.  The idea of writing about food was so that I would enjoy it more and my friends would be able to enjoy reading about my enjoying it.  If it wasn’t being fun and it was making the food less enjoyable, then it wasn’t worth it.

Some friends and I had a girls’ afternoon yesterday and ended up watching Julie and Julia.  It got me all excited about food again.  Not that I haven’t had food excitement recently, but I haven’t had the urge to do much other than the comfy cooking for me.  There has been no five-day bread or Indian food or fancy desserts.  Just me getting by, doing the usual smorgasbord of foods that I don’t use recipes or measurements for.  There hasn’t been any urge to say anything about the food I am making.  Meryl Streep was brilliant as Julia.  Her enthusiasm was infectious.  I also got some nice feedback from a friend of mine that she happened to use some of my posts in selecting a place to go out to dinner.

So the long and the short of it is….  I think that I will try to start writing some again.  But only so long as it remains fun.  So there will be periodic posts about this or that, but I will attempt to avoid tipping into the giant pit of over analysis.  I started pizza dough and let it rise while we watched the movie.  It was apparently a fast acting antidote to the slump.  =)

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terribly behind with posts

Eeep.  It has been one of those spaces of time where everything is busy, everything is rushing, and there is tons of food, but little time to say anything about it.  There was a weekend of wine a little over a week ago, and then there were three Thanksgiving dinners, none of which I have had a chance to say a thing about.  I promise posts on both wine and holiday food in the near future.

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Food Focus and Braised Fennel

The trouble with having a food blog is that you are always thinking about food.  I think about food a fair bit – cooking, eating, what I will make when people come over, what is that smell coming from the stove in the lab….

However, I have found that since starting this blog I spend even more time thinking about food.  I am just about always pondering some edible thing in the back of my head and I devote far more time to active thought about food.  I am almost always up for eating something and something always sounds good, even if I just ate a lot.

I have been going crazy for fennel the last few weeks, since my introduction to it at the Farmer’s Market in October.  I just ran into a post over at Jungle Frog Cooking which talks about braised fennel with parmesan.  I can’t wait to try it.  She doesn’t post the recipe, but refers to the cookbook she got it from, The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, by Marcella Hazan.  I figure that since I know how to braise, I can fake it just fine.  The cookbook has been added to a growing list of cookbooks of interest.

I would say, “Unfortunately, I can’t make it tonight,” but the reason is that I am taking my friend out for his birthday to a new restaurant, so I can’t really say the reason is unfortunate.  Since Sel Gris is unavailable we are heading over to Tabla, based on a recommendation from M.

I may have to make M let me give up our Chinese cooking plans for tomorrow in favor of something that will go with braised fennel, or subject him to it on Thursday before we go to our friend’s gallery show opening.  The trouble is, I don’t think we will have much time on Thursday, and somehow in my head there is braised fennel paired with scallops and perhaps a creamy mushroom risotto.  Not something that fits into half an hour.  Luckily, I have two small and two large fennel currently, which gives me something to play with and something more substantial to use when I have more time.

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