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Snacking Away

It has hit that part of the afternoon where one inevitably is a bit munchy.  I recently was introduced to a happy vegan snack at a friend’s house, and enjoyed it so much I went and bought all the stuff for it, though I don’t normally keep coconut or almond butter around.  You take an apple and slice it up, then put a layer of almond butter over the slice and sprinkle some dried coconut shavings over top.  It is quite tasty.  I have made the cheater’s version here at work, which consists of a pile of almond butter, a pile of coconut, slices of apple, and repeated dipping.  It turns a very light snack (an apple) into something quite substantial that I expect may manage to hold me until I finish cooking dinner tonight.


December 11, 2009 at 3:42 pm Leave a comment