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Maple Curry Caramel

Working in the food business, you get sent all kinds of things.  Mostly I don’t seem to get the interesting ones, though I do end up with calls from people who seem to think that I have something to do with recipes and they want to sell me their ingredients.  My boss and coworkers frequently get food of various sorts.

My boss walked up to my desk just now and offers me a plate with little slices of something on it, saying, “Try one, it is a curry caramel.”  I had just finished eating a bite of a york peppermint patty, so I grabbed a piece and went in search of water to clear my palate.

Oddly enough, it was pretty awesome.  It was dark brown and really chewy, and you couldn’t tell immediately just what it was.  The flavor is both sweet and savory.  It oscillates between tasting like gingerbread and tasting like curry, with hints of turmeric and spice.  Overall, I found the flavor combination pleasing.  The after taste is distinctly curry.

It has gotten me thinking about alternate flavorings for caramel, as I was already considering making some for the holidays.  What other unusual flavor pairings might be just the thing with caramel?  Though I am sure my first try will likely be salted chocolate caramels, as it is just such a fabulous flavor set.


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