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Clyde Commons

M and I did indeed go out last night.  We ended up at Clyde Common, courtesy of my desire to see what their whiskey list looked like.

I very much enjoyed our meal there.  We began with some Bourbon and Scotch.  Unfortunately, the liquor menu isn’t up online, though you can view a selection of their cocktail menu, and the names escape me.  I got a single barrel Bourbon that was hand picked for use in the restaurant.  Matt got some sort of Glenfiddich Scotch.  Both were quite nice.

Our starter:  roasted beets, autumn squash, hazelnuts, oregano, yogurt

Pale pink beets were cooked just slightly, still having some crunch.  Delicata squash wedges were served up with a hint of spices and appeared to have been baked.  Crushed hazelnuts brought a nutty, woodsy flavored crunch.  Yogurt in a thin layer across the plate was slightly sweet, perhaps a hint of honey or sugar in it.

It made me really want to dig up a couple of the squash recipes I have found over the last year.  With squash, especially delicata, I tend to be a purist, plain or with butter.  It is practically candy.  Why do anything more?  But perhaps I will have to do some experimenting in the near future.

My entree:  tagliatelle, roasted wild mushrooms, shallots, thyme

Noodles were al dente, wide and firm with a nice slight bite to them.  The shallots were not visually apparent, but they were slightly caramelized, lending the sauce a slight sweetness.  The thyme stood out very nicely.  Often relegated to an adjunct spice, used in combination with other more recognizable spices, it got to shine here.  The dish was garnished with parsley, which fit, other than the couple of bites where I got a larger piece of parsley which threw the flavor balance off, as the parsley was then too bright of a flavor.  The wild mushrooms were cooked just to juicy tenderness and had a lovely sweetness to them.

M’s entree:  cornish game hen, brussels sprouts, foie gras, seckel pear

The game hen was nicely presented and quite good, judging from the nice expressions on his face through the meal.  Despite the impressions of enjoyment, this one wasn’t one to tempt me away from my vegetarianess.  Once in a while, watching something he will eat, gets me to wondering a bit.  If I switched over, would I enjoy it that much?  I appear to still solidly be an egg and seafood eating vegetarian.

Our dessert: caramelized fig tart tartine, balsalmic, praline, cream

Despite being rather full, we were intrigued by this.  It was quite nice.  Not nearly as sweet as I was expecting.  The sauce lent some lovely salt and savory tones and the caramelized figs had far less sugar than most apple tart tartine that I have had.


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