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Cheese Bar (formerly known as Steve’s Cheese) – yet another reason to move to Southeast Portland

I know I am behind the times, in that I didn’t catch this move immediately, but I just ran into the fact that Steve’s Cheese is no longer in Northwest.  It was one of the non-restaurant food highlights of that part of town for me.  The cheese counter would sport sometimes a couple hundred unusual and interesting cheeses, some of them difficult to find elsewhere in Portland.

They have apparently moved to Southeast Portland and are now located on Belmont.  I have been resisting the pull to move into Southeast, being as yet unwilling to give up my twenty minute walk to work in the mornings.  But the pull is increasing exponentially as the months go by.  There are tons of hidden gems to be found in Beaverton, but the plethora of amazing restaurants, food spots, and other engaging locations and events to be found on the East side of Portland (not to mention a large number of my friends) may pull me in at the end of my current lease.

For those of you on the East Side, go check out Cheese Bar.  I haven’t been to the new location, but a trip will now have to be arranged.  I will be out that direction on Saturday, so perhaps I will make a detour their way.


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